The path to Decentralization
The Rabid DAO core values are based on decentralization and transparency, being that we must be aware of the importance of web 3.0 and DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), and how they will play a growing role in the future of mankind.
A step-by-step approach
All transitions will be done gradually to ensure that all features, structure, and code are successfully tested before being securely implemented.
The first step will be the launch of our NFT collection. The NFTs will have open metadata, allowing us to set certain parameters even after the launch of the collection.
Then, all funds generated through the launch of our first NFT collection and the $RABID token sale will be used to finance the development of our sports betting and casino DApps. After those services are available, we’ll be finalizing the last details of the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).
The DAOs are Member-owned communities without centralized leadership. Through an open voting system, DAOs enable communities to effectively manage themselves and decide how the shared wealth from the treasury should be spent.
On RabidDAO, members will have governance rights, at different levels, with NFT holders having more voting power than $RABID token holders. Regarding NFTs, the rarer it is, the greater the voting power. Owners of NFTs, such as foil or legendary, will even have the exclusive right to participate in special proposals of the DAO.
Proposals can consist of, voting for new sports and athletes, selecting or creating social projects, or even, future developments of the Rabid DAO protocol. Once again, access to certain voting actions is limited, depending on the NFT rarity.
We envision RabidDAO to be fully decentralized in the long term. Our aim is to gradually close every open code, until all the power is in the community, enabling users to take a more active role in the management of RabidDAO.
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